Apple, cultivation & culture.

Our orchards range across Northern Italy, in the areas that are most suitable for the crop in terms of soil and atmospheric conditions.

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We follow and support the work of our producers every day. For many years, we have been committed to the valorisation of apples growing in the Verona area. This interest is devoted not only to production, but mostly to teach the properties of these apples.

Our effort focuses on the local supply chain.

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Working in conjunction with retailers, we raise quality standards, promote certifications and bring innovation to an industry that embodies our passion.

Today's and tomorrow's growers

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The heart of our work is agriculture. The constant connection with nature, the value of the soil, the sacrifice, the satisfaction of exporting the uniqueness of the land with a product. Being aware of this value, we offer to our local producers specific services to ensure the development of the company.

We know that a high-quality product comes from the importance one gives to the land.

Our services dedicated to producers

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Agronomic advice.

We provide growers with a team of specialists who can give technical advice in various areas: plant engineering, farming techniques, plant and orchard protection and nutrition.


We organise itinerant training activities and guided tours to the most deserving farms in order to stimulate innovation.


We organise certifications groups dedicated to the GlobalGAP modules, supporting companies with periodic audits and with the implementation of improvement solutions.

New investments.

We offer entrepreneurial and economic support to our farmers. By investing together in joint projects, we create solid roots for progressive growth.


With a well-oriented team activity we help companies to identify workers during the harvest season.


Through carefully planned logistics solutions and on-site collection of goods, we guarantee product freshness throughout the supply chain.

Commercial update.

We organise regular alignment meetings to assess trends in the main markets, sharing consumption and sales data and passing on customer requests.


We offer checking and updating services on the quality condition of the fruit. In order to continually improve, we also report any problems encountered during the harvest.

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From the land to the supply chain, the apple cult enhances the crop.

We learnt that the culture of service is no less important than cultivation.

Visit the supply chain and quality page to discover our processes.

Let’s find out together

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