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Ever-improving quality.

The numbers related to our production testify the importance of our industry.
In spite of the many variables to be taken into account in daily processing, every phase of the supply chain is characterised by an accurate and meticulous supervision. We aim for quality from the orchard to the table.

Human Quality Control - B&B

Human Quality Control.

The quality control starts in the fields, where experienced agronomists check the growth and well-being of both the plant and the fruit.
The process continues in the headquarter, when the goods arrive to the warehouse. Afterwards, technicians and supervisors take up the monitoring, the storage and the packaging.

Incoming Quality Control - B&B

Incoming Quality Control.

The goods reception is followed by a control phase.

In-process Quality Control - B&B

In-process Quality Control.

An optical grader sorts apples by size, colour and quality

Outcoming Quality Control - B&B

Outcoming Quality Control.

Through seven versatile and precise processing lines, apples of different types are packed in the desired formats.

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Our certifications.

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Quantity, quality, traceability

Food safety is a key added value for us. Traceability is one our pillars.

From the producer to the final consumer, our highly automated processes ensure complete traceability of both food products and packaging.

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The constant technological investments demonstrate the attention we have always been devoting to food safety.

An innovative plant, focused on controlling every process dynamic, is supported by a team of attentive and experienced specialists.

Automatic Calibration and Refrigeration Cells

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Thanks to the twenty-four optically controlled IQS cameras, the optical grader photographs the products in their entirety, identifying product characteristics such as size, weight, colour and quality.

Meanwhile, the cups on which the products are distributed weigh each individual apple and create homogeneous weighing channels in which the mass is proportional to the diameter.

This results in 43 homogeneous apple channels.

Freshness all year round

Twenty-eight refrigerating cells in the Zevio facility together with other machineries in the headquarter, allow the supply of apples throughout the year.
Remote softwares, adapted to our requirements and perfected over time, guarantee:

  • icona orologio - B&B

    the control of pressure inside the cell;

  • icona temperatura - B&B

    the control and modulation of temperature according to the optimal conservation parameters;

  • icona umidità - B&B

    the regulation of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity values.

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As to warehousing, the internal management system regulating the cells is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Besides guaranteeing accuracy and reliability, it identifies the exact position of the goods within each individual cell.

A sophisticated alarm system, connected to each warehouse, facilitates cell monitoring and minimises risks associated with food safety.

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