When he was helping his father or working at his uncle’s booth at the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Verona, Loredano Brentegani didn’t know that with B&B Frutta he would be able to take Italian apples to so many countries around the world.

Between one teaching and another, he only knew his own passion.

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From an intuition of the CEO Loredano Brentegani the company, with a dimension of just 120 square metres, takes its first steps in a scenario already full of large competitive companies.

1986 – 1988

The entrepreneurial outlook and the will to improve allow B&B Frutta to approach foreign markets. Meanwhile, the warehouse enlarges.

2000 – 2002

The collaboration with big retailers begins. The progressive growth in demand and the excellent results achieved, open up new perspectives for B&B Frutta. Hence the realisation of the current headquarter in Bussolengo.


In order to guarantee an ever-better service, B&B Frutta opts for exportation processes without any intermediary.


The company gives birth to the second logo “Appeal” for the premium category, accompanying the historical logo “Rossella”.

2017 – Today

The brand new warehouse in Zevio testifies the company’s ongoing commitment to the valorisation and protection of the local product.

Our promise: fresh apples all year round.

At the heart of our vision is the desire to guarantee a fresh, high-quality product at any time and in any place.

Accepting this commitment means dealing with market fluctuations. Having the courage to approach the logic of large-scale distribution and constantly invest in innovative technologies.

From local markets to direct sales worldwide, our logistics network allows us to pursue this vision. A punctual and customised service is combined with a vision that is increasingly oriented towards the base of the supply chain.

We have long been committed to our land, the heart of every agricultural activity. We enhance the value of apples “Made in Italy” even more through the support we offer to local producers and our constant dedication.

Future runs through the land.

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Growth is the result of teamwork, a team of passionate people working towards shared goals.

Our Working areas:

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From the front office to the back office, the interconnection between the different levels perfects both the relationship with local producers and the customer service.

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